Photopanic: Instagram and Nostalgia

While my research isn’t headed towards analysing Instagram and other smartphone-based digital photography apps, I keep coming across articles about it.  Initially, these articles intrigued me because of their mention of nostalgia, and its attractiveness to a typically-young user group.  The attraction of the nostalgia of tints and filters that aim to reproduce the visual […]

Mediated Childhood: Digital Photography and Innocence

Last week, the Globe and Mail published an article on the ever-increasing saturation of smartphone photography.  Katrina Onstad’s piece began with an expression of discomfort about witnessing a child’s excitement about having his sandcastle creation photographed and then his demand to immediately see the image.  Onstad’s discomfort lay in the child’s focus on himself, rather […]

Thinking Theory I: Creswell

Reading Creswell’s instructions on how to determine and incorporate a theory section in qualitative and mixed methods research left me a little…off my game.   While my background is in political science (arguably a methodologically-obsessed discipline), I have always gravitated towards political theory.  Similarly, my theoretical interests are what have brought me to this program. […]

The Prison Industrial Complex, a bird’s eye view

The Prison Map was produced by Josh Begley, an Interactive Telecommunications student at NYU.  Attempting to create a visual representation of the geography of incarceration in the United States, the prison capital of the world.  The Prison Map combines location information compiled by the Prison Policy Initiative with the Google Maps satellite images, intending to create […]